Fishing Sunglasses: One Piece of Winter Sports Gear You Shouldn’t Be Without

Nov 18, 2016

Is a winter fishing trip on your agenda? If so, don’t forget about the sun. Although there seems to be a lot less of it during the colder months, it can still negatively impact the success of your fishing trip. Just look at all of the solunar theories out there. As they all collectively point out, both the sun and the moon impact the tides as well as natural lighting. So bottom line, you’re still going to need those fishing sunglasses.surgewlogo

Because the sun tends to sit lower this time of year, don’t skim on the frames or lenses.  Put wraparound and polarized on top of your key features list. They’ll keep the winter sun from finding its way to your sensitive pupils. Just make sure you note that winter sun rises and sunsets tend to be a little more south than normal this time of year. So also, position your boat or body accordingly.

And remember, the temperature is likely to be lower too, unless you’re going to be fishing in the tropics. Consequently, we’d suggest saving metal frames for the summer time. Choose polycarbonate or another material instead, preferably one that won’t hold the chill or snap if temps dip well below freezing. In addition, consider getting transitions.

Chances are the fish will be sluggish and not up for a big chase. So, you’ll likely need to experiment with a variety of rigs and floats until you hit on one they’ll like. Wearing transition lenses will make it easier to do that while leaving the fishing sunglasses still on your face. Of course if you’re feeling ambition, you could also trade out your sunglasses as often as your rigs instead.

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