Wiley X Sunglasses: The Best Shades Under the Sun

Sep 29, 2016

You’ve only got one set of eyes — protect them from the damaging effects of the sun with a stylish, ANSI-rated pair of  Wiley X Sunglasses. The Wiley X brand gives you state-of-the-art eye protection in prescription or non-prescription styles. All of the eye wear Wiley X produces is rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), whose mission it is to ensure the safety and health of U.S. consumers and protect the environment. ANSI accreditation is not mandatory, so it stands to reason that only those manufacturers who have complete confidence in the performance and safety standards of their products seek accreditation from them. Wiley X has every reason to be that confident of the integrity of their eye wear. Take a closer look at their incredible line of sunglasses and you’ll begin to understand why …

Wiley X’s line of sunglasses is broken down into eight specific categories:

  1. Active Series – Prescription sunglasses for “sweaty” activities
  2. Climate Control Series – Some prescription some non-prescription lenses with removable facial cavity seals
  3. Changeables Series – With interchangeable prescription lenses
  4. Men’s Street Series – Prescription lenses and great styles
  5. Women’s Street Series – All prescription lenses
  6. Goggles Series – Prescription and non-prescription goggles protect from dust, debris, and peripheral light
  7. Non-RX Series – All non-prescription lenses in great styles
  8. All Prescription Series – All prescription lenses

All of Wiley X’s eye wear set the standard for safety, style and utility, and meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard for High Velocity/High Mass Impact. Their sunglasses are standard issue for many of our armed and special forces, as many models meet the MIL-SPEC ballistic military standards. Used by professional race car drivers such as Joey Logano, Carl Edwards, and Kevin Harvick, Wiley X provides the performance they need and trust to keep them safe at breakneck speeds.

Check out our inventory of Wiley X sunglasses and contact us if you have questions. All of our products are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty, and our prices are unbeatable!






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