Quartz Workers Fire Up Their Creativity Thanks to Welding Safety Glasses

Sep 22, 2016

Today’s quartz workers are taking their work to new heights with quartz. The plentiful material is a perfect mix of oxygen and silicon tetrahedral. However, it’s that ideal mix that makes quartz challenging to work with for beginners. Its unique composition makes it flow differently when heated. Plus, completion of the creative process requires a myriad of different tools and techniques.

For example, it must be heated to temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees Celsius using oxygen or hydrogen gases, which consequently give off infrared light. In addition, the high heat has a habit of leaving a hazy film behind that must be removed quickly with a highly acidic wash. Accordingly, protective gear, including safety glasses, is a must for artisans who wish to work with melted quartz. Many experienced ones tend to gear towards pairs that boast darkly tinted, split lenses rated for use with infrared and radiation.


The split lenses are well suited for quartz work because they often feature gradient tints. Gradient tints facilitate the transition from one task to another, which is important when fabricating quartz. Remember, the medium needs to be cleaned often during the assembly process and wearing very dark, safety glasses can make that difficult. The variations in shades act similar to a pair of bifocals. So that difficulty is minimized or removed from the equation entirely. The gradation in tints is also helpful when doing detail work, including capillary seals.

If quartz workers are unable or unwilling to use split lens, they may want to try clip-on’s, sheets, plates, solid shade eyewear and welding windows as alternatives. However, they must ensure that those items can withstand contact with other tools of their trade (e.g. light, heat, chemicals). To find a variety of visual aids suitable for quartz working environments, please contact us today.

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