Turn any Glasses into Bifocal Readers with Stick-on Lenses

Oct 9, 2016

There is a better answer to switching out your glasses all of the time, whether out in the sun, or using safety lenses. If you are in need of readers, but not at the prescription level, stick-on bifocal lenses are a great solution.
stick-on_bifocal_lenses_hy-stkonStick-on bifocal lenses can be added to any pair of glasses – sunglasses, safety glasses or even your prescription glasses for distance. These lightweight, pliable lenses are the answer to turning your lenses into bifocal reading glasses.
Stick-on bifocals provide distortion-free reading from edge-to-edge, and can be trimmed to apply to any glasses. They are also removable and leave no residue on the glass lens.
Here’s how:

  • Match the stick-on bifocal lenses to your glasses, and if they need any trimming, trim first. The lenses should amount to approximately 25 percent of you regular glasses.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands, glasses and new lenses, with warm soapy water and rinse with warm water to assure any debris is removed, as well as any soap.
  • While still wet, one at a time, line up the new stick-on lens to position on your glasses. Look through your glasses and make any possible slight adjustments, necessary.
  • When in proper position, squeeze out any excess water through the sides and carefully pat dry with a lint-free towel.

stick-on-bifocalsLenses should be applied to the outside lenses of your regular glasses. Allow your glasses to adequately dry for upwards of 12 hours.
Your new stick-on lenses are not permanent. They can be removed and reused at any time. It only takes a soaking in very warm water to remove them. Store them in a safe place until reuse.
At VS Eyewear, we carry HydroTac OPTX 20/20 stick-on lenses, which are top quality and very affordable. These lenses are available from 1.25 – 3.00 diopter magnification. While they are designed to fit all eyewear, we recommend you have a pair of stick-on bifocal lenses for each pair of glasses you intend to use. Thus, you don’t have to constantly remove them to move them, and each pair will be customized to fit each specific pair of your glasses.

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