Closed Top Chrome Wire Apron Hanger, #RAR-CLHANGER





Closed Top Chrome Wire Apron Hanger


  • Chrome plated, 3/16″ steel hanger recommended to protect garments and increase product life
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4″ Tall and 21 5/8″ Wide; approx. 2″ diameter hook
  • Apron hanger will hold up to 50lbs. (22.7kg) and will not stress the lead vinyl or outer covering
  • Closed apron hangers are welded shut and easily installed onto apron racks 16411-03 and 16411-04; there are 2 bolts on each side of the bar – simply remove bolt from one side, slide the bar out, slide the hangers on, and reassemble


Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 in
Rack Type



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