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VS Eyewear takes great pride in being one of the very few companies still offering glass polarized sunglass lenses made with a 1.53 index. We take great pride in offering a diverse array of Polarized lens colors that seamlessly balance functionality and style. Whether you prioritize practicality or crave a fashion-forward look, our carefully curated selection ensures you’ll discover the perfect lens to elevate your eyewear experience. Explore the possibilities below and find the ideal blend of form and function at VS Eyewear.  The real glass lenses offer many advantages to the wearer, including durability and cyrstal clear vision.




Choosing the appropriate lens color is essential when selecting the perfect eyewear to suit your style and needs. Explore our diverse selection of lens colors below to find the ideal match for your preferences.


Polarized Gray

Opt for Polarized Gray lenses to unlock a multitude of advantages. With their inherent polarization, these lenses effectively block reflective light rays, preventing them from hitting and entering your eyes. The filtered light that reaches your eyes results in reduced glare, minimized eye strain, and enhanced overall vision—transforming your perception of colors and images.

The combination of polarization and the natural benefits of gray lenses makes Polarized Gray lenses ideal for various environments and situations. Gray lenses excel in reducing eye strain under sunny, cloudy, or hazy conditions, making them perfect for activities like golf or tennis. They also effectively diminish water glare, making them a compelling choice for fishing or water sports enthusiasts.

While gray lenses maintain the true color of objects and people in your sight, they may lack some contrast needed in specific situations, such as driving. Despite this consideration, Polarized Gray lenses remain an attractive option for those spending ample time outdoors, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Polarized Brown

Polarized brown lenses, similar to their gray counterparts, offer distinctive advantages, primarily stemming from their inherent polarization. Beyond reducing eye strain and safeguarding your eyes from long-term damage, the unique benefits of polarized brown lenses make them a valuable investment, especially if you frequently find yourself squinting at screens indoors or objects outdoors.

The brown color of these lenses sets them apart by providing exceptional contrast, making them particularly beneficial for driving on highways or quiet roads. With an added red element enhancing depth perception, polarized brown lenses offer clarity in various activities, from sports like golf, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, to water sports. Their versatility extends to both sunny and overcast days, making them an ideal choice for athletes engaged in multiple sports.

Beyond specialized use, polarized brown lenses are well-suited for general-purpose wear, boasting anti-fatigue properties that reduce strain from squinting in everyday scenarios. Their optimal darkness ensures ample overall protection, making them a reliable and versatile eyewear option for various outdoor conditions.


American Gray G-15

Consider American Gray G-15 lenses for your next favorite pair of sunglasses. Often associated with aviator frames, these lenses exude a stylish appeal that goes beyond the conventional. Whether you encounter them in a department store or online while browsing aviator glasses, the distinct gray-green hue of American Gray G-15 lenses adds a touch of toughness and intimidation to your look.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, American Gray G-15 lenses prove to be versatile for various purposes. Well-suited for both work and leisure, these lenses excel in everyday use. Moreover, they demonstrate their effectiveness on the water, making them a valuable companion for fishing or boating enthusiasts. Additionally, if you engage in winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, these lenses enhance visibility on snowy terrain, aiding in spotting moguls, trees, or obstacles.

While offering practical benefits, American Gray G-15 lenses stand out as one of the most stylish options among various lens types. If you aim to make a statement and stand out in a crowd, these lenses can undoubtedly fulfill that role. Striking a perfect balance between style and functionality, American Gray G-15 lenses cater to both male and female preferences, making them a compelling choice for those seeking the best mix of fashion and practicality.

Get full details on advantages of polarized sunglass lenses.

The Benefits of Glass Lenses

First, it’s important to understand just why so many people continue to choose Glasses Replacement Lenses. This is the original option; before plastic alternative became en vogue, all eyewear was based on and built around glass lenses. Until today, their core benefits continue to be in effect. Some of these benefits include:

  • More durability, as eyewear with glass lenses typically has a longer shelf life than plastic lenses.
  • Better vision, because glass lenses are not affected by UV light that can add a film to plastic lenses and make them unusable over time.
  • Greater scratch resistance, which is especially important if you consider the various ways (such as dust and a dirty cleaning cloth) that can scratch your glasses.
  • Less costs, especially compared to some highly advanced plastic lenses that can drive up the price in multiple ways.

Our line of Real Glass Replacement Lenses will elevate your vision and increase your safety.

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