Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are the ONLY sun lenses that reduce glare, improve vision and maintain healthy eyes
Once considered a specialty lens that was geared for activities such as fishing, boating, and other water and snow sports, polarized lenses are now the preferred choice by the patient as well as by the ophthalmic professional as the leading lens for sunglasses.

Polarized lenses are made from a special polarizing film that is applied in the factory on the front surface of the lens. This film allows light rays to be filtered, consequently improving the vision in strong light conditions. Polarized lenses will protect you from UV rays, glare and intense light. In combination with a reflection-free coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing and driving.

Polarized lenses provide much sharper vision
as compared to the equivalent tinted lenses.
These lenses also block 100% of UVA & UVB.

Polarized lenses help eliminate light reflections originating from horizontal surfaces like water or asphalt. Polarized lenses are made of a special material that filters and blocks out one of the two planes of light that creates blinding glare. Polarized lenses also provide increased contrast.

Reasons to get polarized lenses:
» To minimize early morning or late afternoon distractions when glare is maximized
» Activity in sports or outdoor activities, both as a spectator and participant
» If you find yourself using your hand or squinting into the sun light or if you experience eye strain or fatigue after a long day in the sun
» To give you more relaxed overall vision as sun glare is reduced
» To reduce the dangers of driving with sun glare reflected off of road pavement and vehicle hoods (the most harsh yet subtle danger to safe driving)
» Great comfort when wearing in the snow or on the water
» Cuts right through the water’s glare to the colors and definition below

Protect yourself from the damaging UV rays and high-energy blue light. Wear Blue Light Protection outdoor lenses and experience the ultimate in visual performance and protection. See everything in high-definition – improved visual acuity, better color perception, reduced glare, and a unique lens technology gives you the outdoor protection you need and the durability to last a lifetime.

Are perfect for:
» Driving
» Boating
» Running
» Biking
» Golfing
» Fishing
» Hiking
» Skiing
» Shopping
» Spectating
» and MORE!

Beautiful picture with polarized lenses

Did you know that bright sunlight can cause glare when light scatters off reflective surfaces, which causes discomfort and dull, washed-out images? Polarization filters this light, so you get better clarity.

Polarization is not limited to sunglasses, which are popular with drivers and boaters for dealing with the harsh glare off the road or the water. However, glare isn’t limited to extreme situations. It’s also present in our everyday lives. Now you can get the benefits of polarization in an everyday lens. Transitions Vantage lenses are virtually clear indoors. Outdoors they increase polarization as they darken. This means that you can get crisper, sharper vision in the dappled light of a tree-lined sidewalk or the full glare of a city street.

Polarized Gray

Polarized gray lenses can offer you a significant number of advantages. First, quite clearly, they are polarized. There are several advantages of polarization. Polarized lenses block light rays that, reflecting off of surfaces, would normally hit and enter your eyes. Instead, the light entering your eyes after passing through the lens has been filtered. This provides several substantial benefits, including reduced glare, reduced eye strain, and better vision. In other words, with polarized lenses, you can see colors and images like you never have before.

With polarized gray lenses, you can take advantage of both polarization and the inherent benefits of gray lenses. Gray lenses are terrific for almost every environment or situation. They can reduce eye strain whether you are in sunny, cloudy, or hazy conditions. They are great if you are spending time playing golf or tennis. They also reduce glare from the water, so they can be a particularly compelling option if you are a fishing or water sports enthusiast.

That said, grey lenses are often best if you are light sensitive. Gray maintains the true color of objects and people in your sight, but it does not provide some of the contrast that is needed in certain situations—like when you are driving your car. It does not provide some of that vital depth perception that you may need. But besides this point, polarized gray lenses can be an extremely attractive option if you spend much time outside. Not only are both functional, but they are good looking.

Polarized Brown

Polarized brown lenses are similar to polarized gray lenses, but they have their own unique benefits. To reiterate, the fact that polarized brown lenses are polarized provides some key benefits in and of itself, ranging from reduced eye strain to the protection of your eyes from long-term damage. If you catch yourself wincing when you are looking at your devices indoors or objects outdoors, you may want to seriously consider purchasing polarized lenses.

With those benefits in mind, polarized brown lenses may be for you. The brown color, compared to others, provides some of the best contrast possible. This feature can be immensely valuable when you are driving your car down a highway or quiet road. These brown lenses also contain a red element, which improves your overall depth perception.

With polarized brown lenses, you can see much more clearly when you are playing your favorite sports. These lenses are great if you want to play golf, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, or various water sports. In other words, if you are an athlete who likes to play multiple sports, polarized brown lenses may be best for you. As far as the best weather conditions for polarized brown lenses, they are ideal for sunny or overcast days.

Ultimately, polarized brown lenses are great for general purpose use. They also have anti-fatigue properties, meaning that you will feel less tired from squinting to see objects in your day-to-day life. Along with this, these lenses are dark enough to provide enough overall protection.

Reduces Glare:
Provides safe, relaxed vision
Improves Vision:
Increases visual clarity, depth and color perception
Maintains Healthy Eyes:
Provides 100 percent UV protection

Polarized Lenses provide the highest protection from the sun and the best performance for outdoor sports!

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