Pentax Safety Glasses


Pentax safety glasses are specifically engineered for the industrial work place and the hazards that exist in that environment. Our products are designed for function, fashion and comfort for the wearer.

There are many aspects to a successful safety prescription eyewear program – but none of them matter if an employee is not WEARING their safety eyewear. That’s why comfort, function and fashion are critical in keeping employees safe every day.

The PENTAX safety prescription frame collection features a wide range of styles, from fashionable sport eyewear to stylish and well-fitting eyewear designs in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Our frames have a variety of fitting characteristics to improve comfort, including soft adjustable nose pads, comfort nose bridges, spring-hinge flex temples and adjustable-length temples.

VS Eyewear is proud to be able to offer high quality prescription safety glasses from reliable brands. Our goal is to provide the highest quality optical safety gear for our customers. We only carry the top brands in the industry. Pentax is one of our favorite brands to carry for customers of ours.  They are a great manufacturer of prescription safety glasses. Pentax Safety Glasses is proud of its ability to keep up with the latest trends in prescription safety glasses. Since 1996, they have been providing optical safety protection and have worked tirelessly to improve the safety eyewear market. Pentax provides a wide range of ANSI-approved eyewear to individuals and corporate customers.

Pentax safety glasses can be worn in many ways. They are stylish, functional, fashionable, practical, and trendy. Pentax safety glasses were designed by an expert team in safety and prescription eyewear. We are pleased to report that Pentax prescription safety glasses is a leading provider of protective eyewear in all sectors and industries. This optical expertise allows workers of all levels, including first responders to adjust their vision. Pentax Safety glasses are great if you need Foam Surround, Nonconductive, Welders or IR glasses.

Many customers who have been loyal to VS Eyewear for many years have special needs, such as those with prescription problems or fit issues. VS Eyewear is certain that we have the right pair of Pentax prescription safety sunglasses for you. VS Eyewear strives to provide the industry’s best optical protection, and Pentax safety glasses are a great way to help you do that. The glasses allow the wearer to order prescription safety glasses online using our easy online ordering system. VS Eyewear customers can add extra features, coatings and prescriptions to their Pentax safety glasses with this great system.

This allows VS Eyewear customers to be able to meet their individual needs. Our VS Eyewear team can also help customers choose the perfect Pentax safety glasses, from start to finish. Pentax glasses are approved by ANSI for high-impact safety protection in all hazardous sections. Pentax safety glasses are durable and well-crafted. They meet all customer requirements. Pentax safety glasses can be used by workers in all sectors, including medical, outdoor, and industrial. VS Eyewear has a wide selection of Pentax prescription safety sunglasses. We offer the highest ANSI rated prescription safety sunglasses for children, men, and women!

Pentax safety glasses

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