Phillips 202 Ace

Schott Glass Technologies has developed a new contrast enhancement glass made for safety glasses for lampworking. This  revolutionary material, called Phillips 202 Ace Glasses, short for “Amethyst Contrast Enhancer,” utilizes rare earth oxides in the glass composition to achieve the unique color enhancing characteristics.  Although sodium flare polycarbonate glasses frames have a relatively low luminous transmission of 38%, it is not recommended for glassworking where Infrared protection is necessary. This filter is more for soft glass usage, neon working and clear borosilicate lampworking projects.

Phillips 202 Ace lenses

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Basically, the color enhancement concept works by selectively positioning transmission in the blue, green, and red spectral regions whereby one can improve the color discrimination between different color objects. These are the same colors used to produce a color television picture. They optimize the readability of such displays under high ambient light conditions.

ACE Didymium Glasses utilize rare earth oxides in their composition to provide the same filtration. Didymium safety glasses are very efficient at filtering sodium flare and providing ultraviolet protection to 390 mm. The Phillips 202 ACE glasses are becoming a preferable choice for lampworking safety. It is very comfortable for viewing under high ambient light conditions such as when working with glowing heat sources for a duration of time. Also, although they have a relatively low luminous transmission of 38%, ACE didymium safety glasses are not recommended for sun protection use unless UV filtering coatings are applied.

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Glassworking Lenses

When working with glass, prioritizing safety is paramount. Glassworking, a captivating craft with diverse techniques, brings unique hazards. Safeguarding your vision necessitates selecting the right eyewear. This buyer’s guide walks you through crucial considerations for choosing optimal glassworking eye protection.

Understanding Glassworking Hazards

Engaging in glassworking exposes you to various hazards jeopardizing your eyes and vision:

Techniques like torchwork emit harmful UV radiation, necessitating protection against long-term eye damage.


Intense heat from glassblowing or kiln work requires eye protection resistant to high temperatures.


Working with glass involves chemicals, posing a risk of accidental splashes and potential eye injuries.

During cutting, grinding, or shaping processes, airborne glass fragments may be propelled, presenting a potential hazard for eye injuries.

Choosing the appropriate lens filter is essential when selecting eyeglasses for glassworking. Various types of glass and specific applications demand specific lens filters to enhance both protection and visibility. VS Eyewear offers a range of glassworking lenses, including:

Perfect for soft glass applications and minor glass tasks, this lens delivers superb protection against sodium flare while preserving excellent color recognition and clarity.

Provides well-rounded protection against UV radiation and sodium flare, rendering it a versatile option for a range of glassworking techniques, encompassing soft glass and smaller-scale projects.

Tailored for borosilicate glass and intricate glass tasks, this lens filter provides outstanding protection against UV, IR radiation, and sodium flare, ensuring a clear view of the workpiece.

Designed for borosilicate glass and extensive glass projects, it provides optimal protection against UV, IR, and sodium flare, making it well-suited for high-intensity glasswork.

This filter is ideal for applications involving borosilicate glass and furnace work, including smaller glass projects. It offers outstanding protection against UV, IR, and sodium flare.

Designed for borosilicate glass and furnace work, including large projects. Offers superior protection against UV, IR, and sodium flare for demanding glassworking tasks.

This filter is ideal for applications involving borosilicate glass and furnace work, including smaller glass projects. It offers outstanding protection against UV, IR, and sodium flare.

Lens Materials

The choice of lens materials significantly impacts durability and effectiveness. Common materials include:

Polycarbonate: Known for impact resistance, providing protection against flying glass particles and UV radiation.

Glass: Highly resistant to scratches, offering clear vision and protection against UV radiation and heat. Among our choices, the Phillips 202 filter comes with glass lenses.

Frame Styles & Comfort

Comfort is crucial during extended wear.

VS Eyewear offers various frame styles, including safety glasses, safety glasses with side shields, fitovers, clip-on’s, safety goggles and a broad selection of Designer eyewear. Choose a style that fits securely, provides necessary coverage, and ensures lasting comfort.

Safety glasses offer versatility and are well-suited for a wide range of general glassworking applications, offering essential protection against UV radiation, heat, and airborne glass particles. Models with wraparound frames or side shields provide extensive eye coverage, proving especially beneficial when additional protection on the sides is necessary.

Fitovers are specifically crafted to be worn over prescription eyewear, making them an ideal selection for individuals requiring vision correction. When working with chemicals or situations demanding a complete seal around the eyes, safety goggles stand out as the preferred option, ensuring thorough and comprehensive protection.

Our Sodium Flare Polycarbonate, BoroTruView shade #3, and Phillips 202 lampworking lenses are available in either Single Vision or Progressive prescription corrections. If you have a frame that you like and are comfortable with, you can send us your frame, and we can insert either non-prescription or prescription lenses into your existing frame.


Compliance with
Safety Standards

Ensure your safety glasses meet industry standards. VS Eyewear glasses comply with ANSI Z87 and EN 166 standards, ensuring quality and safety with our safety frames.

Choose VS Eyewear

A trusted name in glassworking glasses, VS Eyewear is committed to quality and innovation. Their range, featuring various lens filters and styles, ensures a perfect fit for your needs. Prioritize protection, comfort, and innovation with VS Eyewear.

In conclusion, choosing the right glassworking eyewear is crucial. Understand the hazards, select appropriate lens filters and materials, and ensure compliance with safety standards. Trust VS Eyewear for top-quality glasses combining protection, comfort, and innovation – because your eyes deserve the best.


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