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Why You Should Have Safety Glasses for Outdoor Hobbies

Outdoor enthusiasts in any sport have experienced glasses falling onto the trail, the accidental crush in the pocket, or the unfortunate case of not wearing their glasses on their excursion, for fear of damaging them. As a glasses wearer, it is easy to go to your eye doctor to update your prescription and just move forward with your new pair of glasses for the year. Most people then wear those glasses for every activity, increasing wear and tear or the risk of potential damage. If you are active in the outdoors, you may consider safety glasses to be specific for shop work.

However, having a pair of glasses specific to your outdoor hobbies, will bring you a whole line of solutions for your daily life. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduce the wear and tear on your daily glasses
  • Keep your eyes safe in a multitude of outdoor environments and weather changes.
  • Allow you to see the sights and enjoy your time in the outdoors knowing you have a pair of glasses that are not only durable, they are built for this.
  • Customizable options specific to your hobbies, separated from your needs for the office.

WileyX is an amazing safety glasses brand that is designed with a multitude of activities in mind. The frames and lenses are approved by industry safety standards with the ANSI Z87.1 and Z87+ ratings that match their durable design. These stylish frames are prescriptionable, giving you options to meet the vision needs specific to your sport. A great example is utilizing space for close-up vision for tying flies, reading maps, or checking your phone. Larger lens sizes in multiple designs offer more peripheral availability in fast moving sports like mountain biking, cycling, or even riding motorcycles and ATVs. Many of the WileyX frame styles also come with removable foam inserts which are very useful if you know you’re going to be in windy situations or want to go above and beyond a wrapped frame to cut down on light coming in from the sides.

Not only are WileyX frames amazing for the industrial worker or personal shop hobbyist, but they have great solutions for those passionate about the outdoors. Adding this second pair of glasses through VS Eyewear to your life will definitely change your experience outside, for the better.

 Why You Should Have Safety Glasses for Outdoor Hobbies

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