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If you enjoy playing sports yet are looking for added protection for your eyes, you have come to the right place. At VS Eyewear, we have assembled an extensive collection of sports eyewear for many different sports. By purchasing a pair of sports RX eyewear from this collection, you can not only see clearly when playing your favorite sport, but protect your eyes from people, objects, and debris on the field.

We are proud to offer prescription safety glasses for a variety of different sports. Some of those sports include baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. To see a full list of the sports that we accommodate, feel free to click on the “activities” tab within the filtering options on this page.

Whatever sport (or sports) that you enjoy, you are sure to find eyewear that will suit you. We at VS Eyewear are proud of selling glasses from some of the most renowned brands in eyewear today. For example, you can purchase sports RX eyewear from manufacturers like Bolle, Wiley X, Rec Specs, Hilco Leader, and more. To easily find your brand, click on the “Any Brands” menu within this page’s filtering options.

Most of our sports prescription safety glasses in this collection is specifically designed to be worn when playing sports. While you will want to view the features on the pairs that interest you, many pairs are ANSI certified, giving you the confidence that your eyes will be protected when you are on the field or court. You will also find that many pairs contain straps or bands so that your glasses can remain on your face when you are jogging or sprinting.

Whether you are a casual player or take your sport extremely seriously, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our sports glasses. Here’s to finding a perfect pair of glasses to help you achieve that next win

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