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What Type of Prescription Safety Glass Should You Get?

Our eyes are vulnerable when we are out in the world, and participating in certain sports and occupations increases those risks. That is why some job sites will require you to get safety glasses to work there. 

That gets awkward for people who already wear prescription glasses, though, because they are already covering their eyes with something. 

Fortunately, you can get prescription safety glasses. Here is what you need to know in order to pick the right ones for you.

Brand Specialty

Prescription safety glasses come in different brands, and each brand specializes in certain uses.

Bolle, Onguard, and ArmourX are generally for occupational safety. Wiley X is for casual wear. Bolle has glasses made for sports as well.

Safety Ratings

There are different safety standards for each activity or threat to your eyes. This means that you can tell what type of prescription safety glasses that are best for your activity by the standard listed on their specs.

A pair of glasses that are advertised as using the ANSI Z87.1 are made to minimize threats to your eyes on the job. They protect against impacts, liquid splash exposures, and non-ionizing radiation. These glasses are approved by OSHA, as are  glasses that meet ANSI Z87.2.

You might also get glasses that follow the standards of the ASTM if you are playing a sport. Their standard is called the F803. If you are looking for glasses that will resist penetration from elbows and baseballs, you want glasses that use this standard.

You might also see safety glasses that follow the CSA Z94.3. This standard is used to provide eye protection in occupational and educational operations. These glasses typically protect your eyes from flying objects, splashing liquids, molten metal, ultraviolet light, visible radiation, and infrared radiation.

If you want to pick the safety glasses that suit your needs, contact VS Eyewear. We have a slew of options for you.

 What Type of Prescription Safety Glass Should You Get?

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