No More Foggy Glasses When Wearing Your Mask

No More Foggy Glasses When Wearing Your Mask

Oct 5, 2021

It does not seem like masks are going away any time soon. People still have strong opinions on the subject, but there may come a day when we are all so used to wearing them that we don’t give it a second thought. It ought to be possible for a person to be both convinced that masks are as important as no slide shoes in restaurants or safety glasses on the factory floor, while at the same time having a pet peeve about wearing them. Some people are hard of hearing and miss being able to read lips. Many people hate wearing them in the gym- either because they get sweaty or they feel it is hard to breathe.

Speaking of breath, here’s my pet peeve- and I am betting that many people share it: fogging. If you wear glasses, chances are fogging is your pet peeve about wearing a mask. I have bought and tried several so-called fog-free masks and still, no matter how small the gap above my nose, my breath hits those glasses and – forget it, I can’t see a thing.  Sound the foghorn. 

Since I could not solve the problem by trying to find fog-proof masks, maybe I could find fog-proof glasses. I approached the problem from a safety perspective and found a company that specializes in safety glasses: for glassworking, welding, radiation, lasers, even sports and computer use.  And they offer an anti-fog  permanent coating for glasses.  The coating has passed all three tests: 

Freeze Test

 Step out of the walk-in cooler and into the hot kitchen with confidence.

Hot and Moist Air Test

 Wear them in a Swedish Sauna and know that any water that forms on the lenses will be opaque, not foggy.

Breath Fog Test

Now you can safely wear your mask, and still see!

While it’s important to wear your mask for the safety of yourself and others, it’s also important that you can see – to drive, or cross the road, or cook without knocking hot pans about, or kiss the right person in the supermarket.  Be better safe than sorry and contact us for fog-free glasses that you can safely wear with your mask. 

 No More Foggy Glasses When Wearing Your Mask

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