Computer Glasses; Why They Might Be Right For You

May 9, 2021

Does Your Screen Time Cause You Vision Trouble?

           Too often, we’re buried in paperwork. Hours pass, and the weariness begins to set in. Staring at a screen, whether it be a desktop, a laptop, a phone, or even the television, can be far more harmful than many people realize. Visual fatigue can cause a wide array of issues such as blurred vision, severe eye strain, painful headaches, and even long-term vision difficulties. More than ever before, computers, tablets, and high-quality technology are a part of our everyday lives. The average person spends as much as 6 hours a day looking at a screen. This pertains to people of all ages. Children are doing more schoolwork from home and more adults are working from home. It is becoming increasingly important to take precautions when one plans to spend an extended amount of time in front of a screen. 

Computer Glasses Might Be the Solution

          Computer glasses are an innovative and effective method of alleviating or preventing issues associated with viewing screens for extended periods of time. Their primary purpose is to reduce Digital Eye Strain, or DES. This condition arises when a person begins suffering from blurred or double vision, headaches, or dry eyes from looking at a screen for too long. Computer glasses counteract this by employing an anti-glaring coating, as well as offering slight levels of magnification and decentering pupillary distance. The anti-glare coating assists by reducing the buildup of reflections on the front surfaces of the lens. Magnification allows the distance between the pupils (known as PD) to lessen, which makes it easier for the eyes to view a screen for a long length of time without the same level of effort. 

We May Be Able to Help

          At VS Eyewear, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness from your eyewear. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with DES, please call us at 877-872-5780 or contact us via the provided link. Whether it’s computer glasses that you need, or some other vision problem, we are more than happy to offer you friendly, expert service and advice. We look forward to improving the way that you view the future!

 Computer Glasses; Why They Might Be Right For You

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