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Don’t Mutate Your Eyes, Protect Them With Radiation Safety Glasses

Working around radiation can be a bit of hazard. Even safer forms of radioactive material like the x-rays in a doctor’s office can cause major problems over a lifetime of exposure. While both technicians and patients do their best to keep exposure low, it pays to do a little extra so you don’t end up growing a third arm or (more realistically) developing a serious medical condition.

No one is too keen on having this happen to themselves or someone they’re in charge of, so take that extra step before it’s too late. Take some radiation safety glasses to your practice today.

While a pair of glasses may not seem like they’ll do much, they more than pull their weight when it comes to the low-level radiation exposure experienced in a radiology lab. Certified as a lead equivalency equal to .75mm of the stuff, quality radiation glasses can shield a person’s eyes from the majority of radiation that would otherwise be passing into their face without a barrier.

The eyes are really the key here, being uniquely vulnerable in ways most of someone’s other body parts aren’t. Eyes are soft, wet, and blocking direct orifices into the body, all of this making them a direct pathway into the body for harmful radiation as well as an easy part to penetrate themselves. Compared to other areas of the body that either won’t be directly exposed or are typically shielded during radiation exposure, the eyes are simply left to fend for themselves.

Don’t do that to the eyes. For these reasons and many more, it’s high time you got some radiation safety glasses for your workplace. Whether it’s to protect patients or to protect yourself, get in touch with VS Eyewear for the quality safety equipment you require. We’ve even got some great deals on lead aprons and other safety equipment you can buy, too.

 Don't Mutate Your Eyes, Protect Them With Radiation Safety Glasses

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