Not All Nerds

Jan 9, 2021

Are you one of those people that knows staring at the screen too long is going to end in an agonizing headache later on, but deals with it anyway because of 

  • Computer related job?
  • Studying/homework?
  • Important messages?
  • Gaming addiction?

Well, here’s some good news that may just solve all of your problems (if all of your problems come from staring at a screen too long, that is) — protective glasses for computers!

Now, based on those words you’re probably envisioning some nerdy hacker from some TV movie sporting huge, circular, ugly rims and wearing a breath right strip in daily life, right? That image doesn’t have to be you. No one wants to be that person. The good news is, computer glasses come in an insanely large variety of frames, among other customizations that make one perfectly capable of comfortably wearing them without feeling insecure about their looks. That’s right, no more excuses.

And if you’re worried about where in the world one gets style-friendly blue light protection computer eyewear that is also affordable and have a large selection, there is a solution to that as well in the form of the link at the bottom of this article. From there your next steps are pretty self-explanatory, just pick the look that best suits you and once you figure out your best match from the catalog, you’re on your way to better, headache-free nights, no matter how much screen time you log during the day (destroying the old ‘too close to a screen’ myth for good? Score!). 

In conclusion, maybe not all nerds have to look the part, and not all glasses have to be for nerds. You should never torture yourself by denying yourself the opportunity to see better, feel better, and — who knows? Maybe even look better — all for the sake of not being at the wrong end of ridiculous and stereotypical judgment.

Interested? Get yourself a pair of computer screen glasses from VS Eyewear today!

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 Not All Nerds

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