Costa Glasses: Serious Anglers Only

Costa Glasses: Serious Anglers Only

Oct 1, 2020

If you know fishing, you know that being out on the water can really mess with your eyes. Sweet and sea salt are constantly splashing into them while the sun’s rays are amplified from reflecting off the water. If you’re not careful, these factors can really hurt you in the short and long term. To solve these problems, you’ll obviously need some good eye protection. Good luck finding a pair of sunglasses that can stand up to the harsh life of an angler, though. It’s basically impossible.

At least, it was before Costa introduced their line of sunglasses specifically tailored for the great outdoors. Costa’s rugged fishing glasses are designed to stand up to everything life throws at them and then some. Made from quality materials, they’re as essential out on the high seas as your fishing rod.

Costa’s classes are constructed from strong metals and durable polycarbonate plastics to ensure that they won’t be cracking under pressure. In particular, the lenses have been made to block out 100% of UV rays to protect your eyes from all that sun. They’re also anti-glare and easy to clean, helping you keep your eyes on the prize without worrying about being blinded or having the material corrode away from all the abuse.

Their glasses also come in a ton of different styles. This goes for the lenses, too, which are made in a variety of colors with many of them being mirrored to further help reflect the sun out of your eyes. In short, you won’t have to settle for looking goofy just to keep your eyes protected.

There’s a ton of things to say about Costa’s fishing glasses that hasn’t even been mentioned here. To learn more and to order yourself a pair or two, head over to VS Eyewear today.

 Costa Glasses: Serious Anglers Only

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