Browse in Peace with New Computer Glasses

Sep 24, 2020

For most people, being online is a part of daily life. Whether it’s just the occasional update on your phone or a part of your job, we just can’t escape screen time these days. While this has presented tons of new opportunities for entertainment, employment, interconnectivity, and more, it’s also been murder on our eyes. If only there was some way to avoid this strain without losing all these benefits.

Luckily, there actually is. Specialized computer glasses offer a whole new perspective (literally) on your screens. Computer glasses work to block out some of the excess light you’re exposed to when sitting in front of a screen. This reduces the strain on your eyes while also giving you clearer vision, allowing you to work and play harder for longer without fear of hurting your eyesight.

VS Eyewear’s line of computer glasses have a lot to love about them, particularly in how varied your option are. First and foremost, you’ll be able to choose between the Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare options. Sheer Vision are clear anti-reflective lenses while Sheer Glare are peach-colored ant-reflective and anti-glare lenses. Both are great at reducing the strain on your eyes with Sheer Glare being slightly more powerful due to the extra glare-blocking capabilities.

Beyond that, you’ve also got tons of styles and frame colors to choose from. There are even lenses that clip on to your normal prescription or non-prescription glasses that possess the same potency as either the Sheer Vision or Sheer Glare glasses in a convenient package. All your options have one thing in common, though; they’re all made from exceptional materials that can last for years, meaning you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

There’s a ton to love about computer glasses in both the prescription and non-prescription form. For more info on these and other types of eyewear, contact VS Eyewear today.

 Browse in Peace with New Computer Glasses

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