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Why You Need a Pair of Costa Prescription Sunglasses

If you’re on the water a lot, you understand the need for a quality pair of sunglasses. Glare and ultraviolet light bombard your eyes from the sky and the surface of the water. Without the right pair of eye protection, eye fatigue and headaches can set in and shorten your day on the water.

Sunglasses options for eyeglass wearers

Those of us who wear glasses and love being out on the water know the challenge of finding a quality pair of sunglasses.  

  • Sunglasses need to protect and shield the eyes from all angles. Sunny days on the water mean bright light and harmful UV rays bouncing off the water surface. Sunglasses that don’t fit well allow light past the sides of the lens, causing eyes to have trouble adjusting to the light and dark parts of your field of vision.  Costa offers many frame styles and sizes, helping you find the perfect fit.    
  • Sunglasses need to have the right color lenses to cut glare and see details underwater. Anyone who fishes for largemouth near structure or sight casts for fish in the tropical flats knows the importance of precise lure placement. Having the right lenses—lenses that were designed specifically for anglers—can mean the difference between hooking a trophy and missing a fish. Costa gives you the ability to choose the right color lens for your typical conditions.  
  • Sunglasses need to be corrosion resistant to survive in the marine environment. Constant exposure to saltwater can ruin hinges and frames that weren’t designed to be exposed to the marine environment. Costa’s frames are designed for this and will last for years without a problem.  

Prescription eyeglasses wearers are often forced to choose between sunglasses without prescriptions, clip-on tinted lenses, or photochromic lenses—all of which have their limitations. If your life revolves around being out on the water as much as you can, then buying a pair of USA-assembled Costa prescription sunglasses is the best option for you. You can find them at

 Why You Need a Pair of Costa Prescription Sunglasses

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