Choosing the Best Radiation Safety glasses

Apr 15, 2020

Radiation protection eye protection obviously going to be one of the most important things you wear if you happen to need them. Here’s some information about these glasses, why they’re needed, and where to get them.

Radiation Eyewear Overview

These glasses have lead in them to make for some anti-radiation glasses that will protect you when you may need to be around this kind of hazard. The offerings for glasses from the right company will give you the best possible protection against radiation, and they will also give you the best attenuation ratings possible.

It’s important to check for glasses that are comfortable to wear in addition to everything else since the balance in the glasses and the material that they are made out of could make a difference when it comes to how you perform at your job. Obviously, you’re going to want to have a combination of both comfort and protection without sacrificing either.

What to Look For

It helps to find something like a 0.75Pb Lead Efficiency. Other features that can help here include the high-lite transmission lenses and the SF6. You also have the choice of what to look for in terms of frames. For example, you can go with goggles with the leaded protection that will offer you all-around protection with the 1.80 high index lenses. You can even choose different google shapes if you like.

Other options include the wraparound frames, the Wiley X eyewear, metal frames, fit over frames, plastic frames, and the radiation/laser eyewear. This version gives you protection from lasers as well. Plus, you can get prescription glasses as your radiation protection so that it performs both functions.

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 Choosing the Best Radiation Safety glasses

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