4 Summer Activities that Call for Prescription Safety Glasses

May 30, 2020

During summer, your eyes are vulnerable not only to damage from the sun, but also from a number of other seasonal activities. Here are a few that call for prescription safety glasses.

Yard Work

Whether you are cutting grass, trimming weeds, or pruning trees, your eyes are subject to damage from flying debris. Wood splinters, rocks, and other hazards could become lodged in your eye and cause permanent damage or even blindness.

Home Repairs and Improvements

A home improvement or remodeling project makes you susceptible to all kinds of hazards. A job doesn’t have to involve the use of power tools, as even painting or staining projects could result in hazardous materials getting splashed in your eyes. When performing household repairs, it is always better to pay it safe and wear a pair of safety glasses.


While engaging in sports such as tennis, racquetball, or softball, you run the risk of being hit in the eye. Safety goggles will provide you with some protection against impact so that you do not suffer an injury. They are also impact resistant, meaning that you will not have to worry about pieces of glass getting into your eye.


Thousands of people are injured in firework accidents each year. Many will suffer burns to their hands or facial features such as the eyes. Smoke may also get into the eyes and cause irritation or an infection. Any time you are handling fireworks, it is best to play it safe and wear eye protection.

These are just a few instances in which eye protection could benefit you this summer. Make sure you and your family can enjoy the warmer months without worrying about suffering an eye injury. Please contact us to see our full selection of prescription safety glasses so that you can make the most of this season.

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