Prescription Safety Glasses that Work with You

Mar 13, 2020

Jobs that require the use of safety glasses often mean you are working in potentially dangerous environments.

This often requires your focused attention and is not the time to be distracted by ill-fitting eyewear or lenses that need to be updated.

VS Eyewear has a myriad of solutions to choose from to meet your needs and to keep you working at full strength. Browse our full selection of prescription safety glasses to view the many choices we provide. We offer Z87 rated glasses from makers like Wiley X, Bobster, ESS, Body Specs, Fuglies, ESS, Smith Optics, Spy. armouRx, OnGuard, and more.

Types of prescription safety glasses and options offered:

  • Wrap around frames
  • Metal safety frames
  • Plastic safety frames
  • Rimless safety glasses
  • Women’s safety glasses
  • Safety goggles
  • Lighted safety glasses
  • Transitions lenses
  • Lens coating options
    • Anti-reflective
    • Scratch resistant
    • Ultra-violet light protection
    • Anti-fog coating
    • Mirror coatings including silver, blue, red, green and gold

How to Choose?

The sheer number of options we provide can be overwhelming, so where do you start? First find out the requirements of your employer, job site or other entity that requires safety glasses. Knowing if they require Z87.1 or wraparound or something else is a great place to start.

Next you want to consider your personal preference for the type of work you’re doing. Some people find that a rimless frame allows them better visibility of their work. Others prefer the security of a wrap around frame or even goggles.

Third, do you need the lenses to be shaded or Transition lenses? How about coated to protect your eyes from UV? And then it’s time to consider anti-fog, scratch resistance or some of our other coatings.

After meeting safety requirements, VS Eyewear offers many options to meet your needs.

Check out our full line of prescription safety glasses – and all of our eyewear options – and let us help take care of your eyes!

Need help? VS Eyewear customer service is here for you. Give us a call at 877-872-5780 or send us an email at [email protected]

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