Switch to Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses for Superior Protection

Feb 14, 2020

When you wear prescription glasses, finding proper eye protection from the sun can be difficult.

While prescription sunglasses are an option, many dislike needing to switch between glasses or the necessity of carrying a second pair with you everywhere you go. Certain types of clip-on sunglasses are also valid, though many of these are cheaply made and flimsy, not to mention lacking in variety of size, shape, and color.

Overcome all of these issues with the new D Clip and G Clip clip-on and flip-up polarized sunglasses. These handy little helpers are all you’ll ever need from now on to protect your eyes from the sun, giving you unparalleled UV-blocking power with the dependability and adaptability you need on the go.

One of the first and most apparent advantages to these kinds of lenses is their variety. D Clip and G Clip clip-ons come in all sorts of dimensions, fitted perfectly to tons of different styles of glasses. These all attach neatly at the bridge to fit over the lenses without issue. Even similar sizes have tons of variety, the Tru Rectangle, Large Rectangle, Lo Rectangle, and Mad Rectangle lenses being just one example.

The specialized flip-up style of these lenses is also a benefit, allowing you to easily switch between tinted and non-tinted vision with ease and without needing to take off the clip-ons to do so. The amount of lens options is also impressive, the clip-ons available in several different colors you can choose to fit your style.

In the end, this is just a few of the reasons why the D Clip and G Clip clip-on and flip-up polarized sunglass lenses are a great buy for anyone who wears glasses. To learn more about these and many other vision-related products, get in touch with VS Eyewear today and learn about everything our storefront has to offer.

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