Tips for Successful Contact Lens Wearing

Jan 10, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve decided to expand your freedom in vision and have acquired contact lenses. Contact lenses can be stressful for those just starting, but they don’t have to be.

In addition to your optometrist’s guidelines, below are tips for mastering your contact lenses:

1. Cleanliness

– Clean contact lenses are the best contact lenses. Each time before handling contacts, thoroughly wash your hands. Clean hands eliminate the chance of dust or dirt asserting itself into your eye and causing pain or discomfort while wearing the contacts. Contacts should be thoroughly clean as well for the same reason. Use a multi-purpose sterile solution between each use. If you drop a lens, it should be rinsed off with water or a solution before placing it in the eye.

– If your prescription is not a one-a-day option, it is essential to keep the storage for your contact lenses fresh daily.

2. Putting contacts in

– Take a deep breath get comfortable with touching your eyes because it will happen at least twice a day, putting them in and taking them out.

– Wet fingertips allow the lens to move freely, and the lens won’t get stuck to the finger while heading toward the eye. Cold water works the best.

– Use your middle finger primarily to hold and place the contacts. The middle finger administers the most control.

– Use your ring finger to pull-down your bottom lid. The ring finger will provide more eye exposure.

– If a lens gets away from the cornea, massage around the corners of the top eyelid to guide the lens back into place.

3. Taking contacts out

– The mirror tip is useful here, as well.

– Use clean, dry hands. The dryness will help grip the lens.

– A pinching maneuver between your index finger and thumb is a helpful way to grab the contact from the eye.

 Learning new things can be challenging, but like anything else in time and with practice, the confidence will build. Enjoy your new outlook! For all things, vision wear, contact our team at VS Eyewear today!

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