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Jan 9, 2020

Radiation is bad news for anyone who doesn’t want to test their luck at developing mutant superpowers.

While exposure to small amounts of radioactive materials or rays usually won’t amount to much, getting hit by the stuff again and again can really build up after a while. As such, anyone who values their life should be able to take precautions against excess radiation exposure in any setting.

There are many ways to do this successfully. In dental offices, this commonly comes in the form of dental lead aprons. Handy, easy to use, and essential in protecting patients from excess radiation exposure, a good lead apron is essential for any practice. But if you’re new to the practice or just aren’t satisfied with your current vendor’s selection, where do you go to get some quality aprons?

Surprisingly, VS Eyewear is a great place to shop for all your lead apron needs. Our aprons are made to last with .375mm Pb equivalency protection, successfully blocking almost 100% of x-rays from hitting where they’re not supposed to. The exterior is also conveniently liquid proof to make for easy cleanup with a handy no-slip grip on the interior side to keep them from falling off.

Our adult sizes measure in at 24-by-25.5 inches and come in a number of fun colors, each weighing about seven pounds for a solid feel and secure placement on patients. In addition to aprons, we also have a supply of miniature portable lead blankets, double-sized aprons that protect both the chest and lap, and half aprons for only the lap. Whatever your radiation protection needs might be, we’ve got you covered (figuratively and literally).

As a result of all this, VS Eyewear is one of the best storefronts for radiation protection in the dental industry. Get in touch with us and ask any of your questions, and don’t be afraid to browse our extensive lines of glasses while you’re here, including our radiation protection models.

Need help? VS Eyewear customer service is here for you. Give us a call at 877-872-5780 or send us an email at [email protected]

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