Comparison: Fit Over Sunglasses vs. Clip-on Sunglasses

Jan 21, 2020

Fitovers and clip-ons provide two different ways to protect your eyes from sunlight at the same time as you use standard eyeglasses.

Both choices have a number of pros:

Size, Weight

Clip-on sunglasses don’t need their own frames. Consequently, they’re especially compact and lightweight. This makes them a bit easier to carry than fitovers. Be sure to use a protective case or sleeve.

Flipping Up

Sunglasses that fit over your eyeglasses must be completely removed when you don’t want sun protection. On the other hand, most clip-ons conveniently flip up. You can use this feature when you walk into a darker area.


A downside of clipping something to your existing lenses is that it could scratch the glass. However, this usually isn’t a major problem if you use them carefully and immediately replace damaged clips.

Full Coverage

Fitovers surround your eyes more thoroughly and offer side protection, greatly reducing UV ray exposure. The alternative only covers the front of your glasses.


Narrow clips can slightly obstruct your vision, but the frames on fitover sunglasses reduce visibility to a somewhat greater extent. Either way, the effect isn’t very significant.


Although the above-mentioned frames add a little weight, they also increase durability and help protect prescription glasses. The edges of flip-up lenses are exposed, making them more vulnerable to damage.


Clip-ons generally cost less; it’s not hard to afford a replacement if they break. Keep in mind that the least expensive sunglasses of any kind are often made of flimsy materials.


Fitovers hide prescription glasses and look similar to any other sunglasses. Flip-ups have a more distinctive appearance. Both options look much different depending on the lens color.

If you’re looking for new sunglasses of either type, we can help you select a model that fits your head and eyeglasses. Please see our website or contact us to learn more.

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