A Look at Some Alternate Uses for Computer Glasses

Jan 10, 2020

Exposure to the blue light emitted by computers can lead to eye strain. That’s why many eye doctors are now recommending computer glasses for many of their patients.

Aside from working on a laptop there are other occasions when computer glasses would also make sense, including the following.

#1. Movie Theaters

Computer screens are not the only electronics that can produce glare. Movie screens can as well, and may even result in greater eye strain because of their size. Take some computer glasses with you to the theater so you can enjoy the picture better. After wearing them, you might notice it is easier for your eyes to adjust once you step into a lighted area again.

#2. Studying or Reading Outdoors

The same blue light that is emitted by your computer is naturally found in sunlight. That’s one reason why eyestrain is so common whenever you spend time outdoors. If you like to study or read outside, you are especially susceptible. Ordinary sunglasses do little to block blue light, which is why you should try a pair of computer glasses again.

#3. When Shopping or Running Errands

Although softer than other forms of lighting, fluorescent and LED bulbs can still produce glare. That’s why after spending some time shopping or running errands, you may feel fatigued but not really know why. Throw on a pair of computer glasses before you go out, and you just might find that you have more energy once you return home.

These are just a few alternative uses for computer glasses, but you may also come up with a few others. Computer glasses can prevent eyestrain no matter where you are, so you should always keep a pair or two with you. Here at VS Eyewear, we have a huge selection of frames that will complement any style, and invite you to contact us to learn more.

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