The Benefits Clip-on Polarized Sunglasses Can Provide

Sep 19, 2019

If you wear glasses most of the time, then it is likely that you have faced a dilemma regarding what you should do about sunglasses.

While sunglasses can play an important role by making it easier to see when it is sunny as well as by protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, when you already wear glasses you cannot simply buy a cheap pair of dollar store sunglasses as you need your prescription. This usually leaves people having to choose between purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses, getting Transition lenses in their glasses, or simply going without sunglasses. However, another great option that not many people consider is purchasing clip-on sunglasses that attach to their regular lenses. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider investing in a pair of clip-on sunglasses.    


One of the primary benefits that clip-on sunglasses provide is that they are a more affordable option for many glasses wearers. Rather than having to purchase a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, including costly frames, you can instead just purchase sunglass lenses that clip on over your glasses. In fact, in some cases, clip-on sunglasses may even be cheaper than Transition lenses.   


Clip-on sunglasses are also a much more convenient option than prescription sunglasses. With prescription sunglasses you have to carry around a second glasses case with you everywhere you go, and you have to switch glasses constantly. Alternatively, clip-on lenses will likely fit in the same case with your regular glasses, and they can easily be added to, or taken off of, your glasses at any time.

Provides Protection When You Drive

While Transition lenses are often considered to be one of the most convenient sunglass options for people who wear glasses, it is important to note that they generally do not shift from light to dark when driving due to the limited UV light in a car. This means that with Transitions you may be without sunglasses when you need them most. Clip-on sunglasses are then a superior option for driving, and many people with Transition lenses may benefit from investing in clip-on sunglasses for driving.

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