Eyeglasses vs Sunglasses: How Fitovers End the Struggle

Sep 19, 2019

Alright, anyone who wears glasses should know how this song and dance number goes by now;

the sun has declared you it’s mortal enemy and is blaring in your face with no way to stop it. Actually…scratch that, there are options, but most of them are kind of terrible or pricey.

You can use the age-old method of swapping out your regular glasses with a pair of shades or you can try to awkwardly fit a pair of regular shades on top of your glasses. Yes, it’s pretty much like that thing eyeglass wearers have to do with 3D glasses and it’s as annoying as it sounds. There is the choice of transitional lenses as well. The issue with transitions though, is that they don’t darken that well inside of cars and they may not darken quickly in colder weather.

There is another method that you can try though, fitovers. Wearing a pair of these is almost like the aforementioned “3D glasses on top of eyeglasses” method, except that these are sunglasses specifically made to fit over your prescription eyewear. At VS Eyewear, you can explore their expansive collection of JP Fitovers to find a pair that suits your tastes. You will have to be careful as to what kind you choose, however, as the shape of your eyeglasses could interfere with the way certain styles fit over your face. 

Aside from a bit of necessary pickiness, there are a few advantages to choosing VS Eyewear’s JP Fitovers:

  • Multiple different color and style frames
  • Cheaper than transition lenses
  • They can help prevent UV eye related issues such as cataracts and pterygium (also known as surfer’s eye)
  • Their polarized lenses help make your vision sharper by reducing glare

If you are looking to end the struggle 3-way struggle between you, your eyewear, and the sun; then do yourself a favor and look into a pair of fitover sunglasses. There’s no need to suffer from the sun’s blinding light if you don’t have to, check out what VS Eyewear has to offer you today!

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