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Clip-On Flip-Up Sunglasses for Convenience and Safety

One of the challenges of wearing prescription glasses is figuring out what to do on bright, sunny days.

Prescription glasses shouldn’t keep one from enjoying the outdoors, but glare from the sun can be uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy for the eyes. Glare can also be dangerous while driving, interfering with vision and potentially causing accidents.

One great solution for glasses wearers is Flip-Up sunglasses. Flip-Up sunglasses clip onto plastic or metal prescription frames and are available when needed. When stepping on to the beach or getting behind the wheel on a sunny day, simply flip down the sunglasses and get on with the fun. When inside or after the sun sets, flip up the sunglasses and forget about them until the next time they are needed.

With Flip-Up sunglasses, there is no worry of misplacing or losing sunglasses because they are always there, clipped right onto the prescription glasses frames. At VS Eyewear, our patented, durable, all-metal clip-on mechanism ensures that Flip-Ups stay firmly in place without slipping or scratching expensive, prescription lenses. All our Flip-Up styles offer 100% UV protection, blocking dangerous rays that can damage vision. For those with larger prescription frames, we even have a wrap-around style which provides peripheral protection, ensuring damaging rays don’t enter the eye from any angle.

Flip-Up sunglasses are stylish as well as practical. At VS Eyewear, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to match all needs. A simple scroll through our website will show the many options we offer to fit any prescription lens style or size. With available color options in brown, grey, copper, and yellow, there is a color for everyone. Flip-Ups also come in Blu-Gard for HEV Blue Light protection which can cause eye strain, mainly associated with the use of electronics.

Flip-Up sunglasses allow prescription glasses wearers to enjoy the sun without worry and in style. If you have questions about our Flip-Up sunglasses options, contact us today!

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