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3 Benefits to Clip-On Sunglasses

There are innumerable reasons why you might want to wear sunglasses. Comfort, style, convenience, and plenty more all go into this simple decision, but where does that leave people who already have prescription eyeglasses?

You can’t exactly wear two sets of glasses at once, and even though prescription sunglasses are an option, not everyone wants to be swapping between the two. To get around that, special clip-on sunglasses have been made to attach to your normal lenses. Here are three benefits to clip-on sunglasses that will make you want to snag a pair right now.

1. Price

While not a universal truth, clip-on sunglasses are often a cheaper alternative to traditional sunglasses. Given they’re made from less material and need glasses to be used properly, this is typically the reasoning behind their lower price point. If you’re forced to choose between one or the other, the monetary factory can be a good point for the clip-ons, especially since most are of similar quality in terms of effectiveness to sunglasses.

2. Convenience

Sunglasses can be a great fashion accessory, but even using prescription lenses still leaves you needing to trade back and forth between your normal glasses. Clip-ons eliminate this hassle by simply and easily augmenting your normal prescription lenses. They also take up less space given how they’re basically just a pair of lenses so you won’t have to struggle finding pocket space.

3. Style

Clip-on sunglasses don’t have to be just functional. Many of them are actually quite appealing, mixing things up in terms of lens color and shape to compensate for their lack of frames. Matching your clip-ons with the existing frames you have is one way to accessory. Having the option to completely change your lens shape on the fly can also be quite interesting.

There’s plenty of reasons to try out clip-on sunglasses, these three just being a small sampling of what they do. If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair, check out VS Eyewear and their wide assortment of Visionaries clip-on lenses. Get in touch with any comments or questions today.

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