Protect Your Eyes at Sea with Costa Del Mar Fishing Glasses

Sep 19, 2019

Fishing out on the open sea is an often perilous endeavor that requires plenty of fortitude and preparation to succeed at.

Fishing rods, replacement parts, lines and hooks, medical kits, food and water, and plenty of other things should be kept on your boat to help you while you’re out on the water. One often overlooked things to have, though, is a pair of good fishing glasses.

Fishing glasses are a bit different from your regular sunglasses. While they serve the same purpose of blocking out glare from the sun and the radiation it gives off to protect your eyes, fishing glasses are designed specifically for use in intensive sporting activities like this, built to last and cope with the unique challenges of being at sea.

Take, for example, the brand Costa Del Mar. Each of their fishing glasses offers 100% UV light protection. Not only that, their lenses can work in both high-glare and low-light environments, keeping the things you see as clear as possible. They’re also made with anti-corrosion frames no matter the style or other features, a handy fact given that the rough, salty waves of the ocean would quickly destroy most other types of glasses.

Their fishing glasses can also be made with prescription lenses, ensuring you don’t have to choose between all of their benefits and being able to actually see the fish you’re trying to catch. This is on top of all the different lens and frame colors you have available, typically in a far greater variety than many other places that sell prescription sunglasses.

All in all, fishing glasses are just too good to pass up for the serious angler. If you’re looking for more information on Costa Del Mar’s fishing glasses or any number of other great eyewear products, contact VS Eyewear today to see what’s in stock.

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