Can You Make It Through a Fishing Trip Without Adjusting Your Sunglasses?

Jul 6, 2018

A good fishing trip starts early in the morning. You’re out before the dawn. But as you’re setting off across the lake, the sun starts to creep out over the edge of the water. When you’re facing east, you’re faced with the glare of direct sunlight. The bright orange light is bouncing off the waves so strongly that you reflexively raise a hand to block the sun. But with the light glaring off every surface, there’s no way to shield your eyes fully, even with sunglasses.

The sun’s sharp angle also means your controls are in shadow.There’s no light diffusing across the steering, dials, or LCD screens, and it’s even worse because you’re eyes are adjusting to the sunlight. 

And all of this is in calm water. If you’re in the ocean or dealing with choppy ways, the water is going to knock your boat around. The waves are going to jostle your equipment, and that includes your sunglasses. You need your hands to steer, to fish, and to hold your glasses in place, which is one task too many.

If this sounds familiar, you have the wrong sunglasses. Traditional sunglasses just aren’t built for fishing. While they might provide some protection against sunlight and sea spray, there are better options out there. Look for sunglasses that offer better performance with:

Treated Lenses

Many sunglasses come with polarized lenses, but you need a strong degree of polarity when the glare is bouncing your way across different surfaces. Good fishing sunglasses also have a color tint to help with visibility. Colors like blue, green, and black are the best protection against contrast loss and poor water visibility.

Nylon Frames

Slippery sunglasses need constant adjustment. Look for fishing glasses that use a grippy rubberized material so you don’t have to keep pushing them back up while you’re busy. This material is also more resistant to corrosion and salty air.

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