Night Driving Clip on Glasses for Astigmatism

Feb 21, 2018

When you have astigmatism, your prescription lenses can cause a glare, making it nerve wracking or even impossible to drive at night. Perhaps your optometrist recommended an anti-glare coating and you tried that, but there’s still the problem of not enough light. This is because when you have astigmatism, your pupils tend to dilate more in low-light conditions, making it extremely difficult to see.

This can be a nightmare if you routinely have to drive down dark, two-lane highways. You stay in the slow lane, but even just maintaining a speed limit of 65 or 75 m.p.h. can be terrifying for you. What if a deer or coyote jumps out in front of you? Will you see it in time? The average person with astigmatism does fine navigating a brightly-lit city at night yet is often terrified of driving on more isolated, darker roads. This can prevent people with astigmatism from taking long road trips or even just attending an evening event in the next town. Enter night driving clip on glasses…

VS Eyewear’s revolutionary night driving lenses make it easier for ANYONE to see in low-light conditions, plus they are anti-glare. Just clip them on over whatever prescription glasses you already have-whether they have an anti-glare coating or not–and you are good to go! No more feeling terrified while driving at night. The glare will be gone, and your headlights will be adequate enough to light the way again.

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