The Benefits of Costa Fishing Glasses

Feb 21, 2018

It’s hard to enjoy a fishing outing when the glare is blocking the view and giving you a headache. The intense glare also means your eyes are getting extra UV exposure from reflected light in addition to direct light from the sun.Costa fishing glasses block out glare with their polarized lenses, block all UV, and reduce overall sunlight brightness with your choice of tint color. This means you can fish in comfort, avoid UV related eye health problems, and see better.

The polarized lenses eliminate reflected glare from the water and cut through the haze, which is caused by light reflections off microscopic droplets floating in the air. Beyond these benefits, Costa fishing glasses enhance your fishing in other ways:

You Can See the Fish

Glare does more than hurt the eyes. It also blocks your view of the fish. The water surface is like a mirror, which means you see glare or reflections of the sky. A fish could be only a few feet beneath the surface and you wouldn’t know it. The polarized lenses of your fishing glasses strip away these reflections, giving you a perfect view of where the fish are hiding. If you’re in a small boat on a stream, you will get to know which parts of the stream bed they prefer.

You Can See Submerged Hazards

This is important when you’re fishing close to the shore or on a river. Your glasses will help you avoid scratched paint, a damaged hull, or a possible capsize. Hitting a submerged rock while motoring along can cause extensive damage.

Safer Motor Boating

Glare makes spotting small watercraft difficult, especially when moving quickly over the water. This situation is similar to driving your car in glare, where seeing the traffic ahead is impossible. Inability to see what’s ahead is dangerous to other boaters as well as to yourself.

Enjoy better comfort, eye health, safety, and a bigger catch by using Costa fishing glasses. It will also improve your golf and enhance driving safety. Contact us at VS Eyewear to learn more.

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