Ditch the Drugstore Cheapos and Buy Visionaries® Polarized Clip-Ons Instead

Feb 2, 2017

How many times have you run into the corner drug store and grabbed a cheap pair of clip-on lenses for your prescription glasses? Maybe you were hoping they’d cut down on road related glare and keep your eyes from feeling tired. Chances are you later regretted the decision. Cheap lenses rarely work but Visionaries® polarized clip ons always do and we’ll explain why.

Unlike the drugstore’s offerings, the masterminds behind Visionaries®’ smart design understand how light works. In some instances, the rays are unpolarized. This most often occurs when the sun is the primary source of light. Its rays spread out both horizontally and vertically, thereby hitting objects at all angles. Polarized light, on the other hand, is more specific. It traditionally hits objects in one direction.

Cheap lenses tend to only focus on light that hits objects vertically. As such, they fall woefully short when it comes to protecting the eyes from unpolarized light. As the name suggests, Visionaries® Polarized Clip-Ons aren’t like that. They take into account both vertical and horizontal light waves. Accordingly, they offer users better vision and infinitely more protection than their cheapo cousins.

The Visionaries® Polarized Clip-Ons are at their best when the sun is close to its midpoint and wearers are hoping to see objects at an angle. They can also effectively deal with glare from choppy water, metal, glass and mirrors. Accordingly, many people opt to wear their clip-on lenses both in and outside of their motor vehicles. As such, it’s common for fans to buy multiple sets of clip-on lenses to avoid the hassle of transferring a pair from one place to another.

Sets of Visionaries® Polarized Clip-Ons, although not cheap, are reasonably priced. So, obtaining more than one generally won’t break the bank. To learn more about Visionaries Polarized Clip-On lenses and purchase several pair for personal use please contact VS Eyewear today.

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