Fishing Sunglasses: Grab Some Before Setting Your Sights on Trout or Salmon

Jan 31, 2017

Have you ever thought about how sunlight affects fish? It’s something to consider, especially since trout and salmon season is open in several states. Just like us, fish can’t help but be effected by the sun’s rays. In humans, the bright rays may bring people outside, chase away depression and boost immunity. However in fish populations, it’s the opposite.

Sunlight tends to send them into hiding and make them wary. Plus, as some studies have shown, sunlight may spell death. Why such a difference in circumstances? For one, their anatomy is obviously vastly different from ours. As such, their bodies are more sensitive than ours in a lot of respects. So if shade is available, they’ll tend to seek it every time. But that doesn’t mean you can toss the fishing sunglasses to the side when searching for trout or salmon.

Remember sunlight, or the lack thereof, has the ability to negatively affect our eyes too. It has to do with our pupils, which when healthy, react to the amount of light present. So fishing on a sunny day and searching for trout in the shade, could pose problems. For instance, the pupils may not adjust fast enough to catch sight of a fish or the glare could cause temporary blindness. As such, fishing sunglasses should always be at the ready.

We like using H30’s polarized sunglasses for such occasions. They come with interchangeable, polycarbonate lenses and adjustable cord. Accordingly, they can help anglers find trout and salmon whether the fish are hiding in the shade or in the process of swimming for cover. And one more word of advice, make sure you choose the interchangeable lenses carefully. There are a handful of options available and some are better for anglers than others.

To learn more about the options and successfully navigating the waters with fishing sunglasses in hand, please contact us today.

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