Blue Light Protective Eyewear: We Remember It’s Power When Others Forget

Feb 27, 2017

Have you ever thought about light? Not the speed, power or need for it but the color? Natural and artificial light have broader color spectrums than many people realize. Part of the reason people overlook color spectrum depth and breadth is because not all aspects of it are visible to naked eyes. However, this doesn’t make the colors any less real. Hence, there’s often a need for blue light protective eyewear in certain settings.
Blue lght protective eyewear is typically associated with electronic devices because of the wave’s inherent nature. Blue ones tend to run just above invisible light waves. As such, they tend to be very powerful and are consequently used to efficiently light up the devices’ screens. Because people are just so accustom to seeing bright, electronic screens they don’t even think about the wavelengths behind them.
But at VS-Eyewear, we think about the shorter wavelengths and how they may impact vision. As such, we offer blue light protective eyewear for people who often find their noses buried in electronic devices of all sorts. Along with protection from shorter wavelengths, blue light eyewear may also reduce the frequency of other common complaints. For example, prescription as well as non-prescription eyewear may keep people from experiencing tearing, redness, muscle ticks, routine insomnia and related eye pain.

Although blue light protective eyewear is made by a number of manufacturers, we favor a few, including Blu-Ban. It’s an age-old brand with a penchant for making more than just high-quality, blue light protective eyewear. To learn more about our Blu-Ban offerings and how they may improve vision, please contact our VS-Eyewear Representatives today.

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