Careers with Risks are Worth it With the Right Protection

Feb 17, 2017

Each career comes with certain risks. For those in the welding and metal industries the risk of eye injury is high. But life is too short not to do what you love or are talented in! That’s why we specialize in welding and brazing glasses here at VS Eyewear.

Whether fabricating with fusion, metal-joining at lower temperatures, or observing molten metals in foundry applications, our optical-quality eye wear with side shields will ensure that you are safe from the inherent dangers of your work. These specialty glasses are lightweight while being extremely durable, so you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort during a long day at the shop. Best of all, we’ve built our lenses with German glass in shades of Green IR 2.0 through 8.0 as well as Cobalt Blue glass shades to ensure that your whole eye has what it needs to be protected from harmful light.

Most of us have heard that ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is a painful prospect of not having the proper eye protection. Causing “serious flash burns to the cornea,” according to WebMD, this type of radiation can produce both permanent and temporary conditions such as swelling of the eye and sensitivity to light. Infrared and visible spectrum radiation have also known to cause cataracts.

Whether you are welding or just in the shop while someone else is using torch work, your eyes and the quality of life they give you are susceptible to harm. That is why we provide lenses of all types for those in your field. Our safety glass line can be worn when you do not require your welding helmet; our Clip-On Flip-Up glasses snap onto most hard hats and bump caps as well as onto all glasses; and we specialize in welding lenses for your goggles and masks.

To be talented and hardworking in a field with such dangers is something to be proud of! Contact us to protect yourself and continue to do great work for years to come!

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