Too Much Screen Time? Computer Glasses Will Help Your Eyes

Jan 23, 2017

21st century office workers spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen at work, and then at home there’s additional screen exposure when viewing a tablet, computer display, or television.
That’s a lot of exposure to screens every day, and so there’s good reason for some unease about what effects such constant exposure may have on one’s eyes.
The greatest concern is about the short wavelength blue-violet part of the light spectrum that modern display screens emit. In the short-term, prolonged exposure to blue light can result in eyes feeling dry, irritated, and fatigued. Other symptoms can include eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches. The American Optometric Association’s term for this is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). In the long-term, prolonged blue-violet light exposure may contribute to glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration.
A good way to minimize short and long-term blue-light related vision problems is to wear special glasses that reflect and filter out the blue light emitted by electronic display screens. These glasses are available in non-prescription or prescription (single-vision or progressive).
One option from VS Eyewear is Sheer Vision lenses, which have an anti-reflective coating on both sides to eliminate glare from a display. The lens material is polycarbonate which blocks UV light emitted by display screens. Sheer Glare Peach lenses have the same anti-reflection coating and UV blocking lens material, but also have a relaxing peach/light beige tint that reduces eye strain and fatigue.
GUNNAR Optiks‘ proprietary lens design is another option from VS Eyewear. GUNNAR lens tints can filter out blue light and block UV light exposure. With wrapping lenses that reduce airflow, eyes blink more frequently which minimizes dry eye and irritation. GUNNAR lens material is durable, impact resistant, and has superior clarity and color control.
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