DEC 17

Prescription Lens Options Offer Online Shoppers the Best of Many Worlds

Did you know that eyeglasses have been around for centuries? The American Academy™ of Ophthalmology’s Museum of Vision reports that people have been using specs since the mid 1200s. That’s more than 740 years worth of prescription lens options! Of course not all of them have survived the ages. Like frames, some lens designs have come and gone with popular fashions. For example, when is the last time you shopped online for a pair of scissor spectacles or Martin’s Margins? The answer is probably, “Uh, never.”


So, which prescription lens options are available to today’s consumers? At VS-Eyewear, we offer buyers a choice of at least four options. They are plastic, polycarbonate, glass, Trivex and high index. We’ve detailed each one for you in the FAQ section of our company’s website along with a quick look at coating and frame options that tend to go best with each lens type.

As such, we wanted to look a little more closely at the frames. There are a baker’s dozen worth of brands that are well-suited for people with limited budgets and a need for plastic lenses. One of the most extensive brand lines under $100 is Stylewise Eyewear. They’re followed by Georgetown, Masterpiece, Apollo and Equinox Eyewear. Many of those brands offer prescription glasses for less than $25 a pair.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also find prescription glasses that exceed $400. Among them are items in the Cazal Collection. They’re available in single, bifocal and progressive bifocal form with a choice of at least six different lens materials. The materials include Thindex, Trivex, standard glass, polycarbonate and high index, with the latter being the most expensive one. To learn more about prescription lens options across all price points and receive assistance in making an informed decision, please contact our VS-Eyewear team now.

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