Wiley X Echo Sunglasses — An Overview

Dec 17, 2016

Looking for a great pair of sunglasses that is good for fishing or any activity, in the summer, winter, fog, mist, snow, or any other climate? Wiley X has something for you: Their Climate Control Series.

This series comes with a number of great features, such as a patented Facial Cavity Seal, which is removable, and which blocks out dust, pollen, debris, fog, mist, wind, and peripheral light. It is perfect for when traveling at high speeds, and the foam seals are also flame-resistant. It’s also great when hunting fowl, in which cases the glasses will block out any glares from the sun.ccech04

In particular, Wiley X Echo sunglasses, which are part of the Climate Control series, are a much sought-after product. The lenses are shatterproof and are certified ANSI Z87.1. They also come with Wiley X’s Filter 8, which is designed to protect your eyes from light and UV rays. The polarized emerald mirror lenses provide an additional measure of clarity, which helps you see what is going on beneath the water when you are out fishing.

The Echo glasses’ durability does not take away from its look. With a glossy black frame and the gold Wiley X logo, these glasses are very stylish.

With the glasses, you will also get a hard clamshell protective case, a cleaning cloth, an elastic strap, and a leash cord.

Echo glasses come in four styles, including gloss black and smoked steel blue.

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