Bifocal Safety Glasses Help Everyone Craft On Despite Normal Vision Loss

Nov 3, 2016

You’ve always loved your arts and crafts time but now, not so much. It’s getting harder to see when doing detail work and switching out those standard safety glasses for your not-so-safe prescription specs is a pain. It breaks your concentration not to mention isn’t very safe. So you think, “Are my crafting days behind me?sb-5000-grey_lg_2

We’re happy to say, “No!” Thanks to bifocal safety glasses, you don’t have to put those wood burning sets and dremels away just yet. Today’s bifocal safety glasses aren’t awkward, ugly or flimsy. They’re meant to last, work effectively and keep you looking fabulous. What’s that? You’re concerned that they’ll add 20 years to your face or make you look like a combination of Mrs. Beasley and Ben Franklin?rx-300md

Don’t be because there are line-free, progressive safety glasses out there that will keep your need for bifocals secret from even your closest, fellow crafters. The progressive lenses are suitable whether you prefer a ribbon, round or half-segment too. So the next time you visit your ophthalmologist for a new prescription, don’t cringe when he recommends purchasing bifocal safety glasses. It’s okay, really.


At VS Eyewear, we have bifocal safety glasses of varying strength and designs. So no matter which arts and crafts activities you’re in to, we can help get that detail work done. From experience, we can tell you that many crafters enjoy Eyesights safety glasses with interchangeable lenses for one, simple reason. It helps them see better, regardless of which crafting projects their working on at the moment.

Others prefer to get bifocal safety glasses made with photochromic lenses instead. They change automatically, which is convenient for those crafters who would have to wash their hands before changing out traditional, tinted lenses. To learn more about modern bifocals and how they help low-vision adults continue to craft on, please contact our VS Eyewear team today.

Need help? VS Eyewear customer service is here for you. Give us a call at 877-872-5780 or send us an email at [email protected]

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