It's Easy to See with Clip-on Flip-up Magnifiers

Sep 7, 2016

Getting just the right line of sight for a variety of operations at once, well, can be difficult. In this busy world we live, multi-tasking is key to getting things done. Our vision needs to multitask as well.
Whether you wear prescription glasses, readers or safety glasses, there are times when you need further amplification. Some people have been known to add a pair of readers along with their regular glasses in order to magnify, while using both hands for detail work. Say, what?
VS Eyewear has a better solution!sm_clear_lg_2_1_1
Clip-on flip-up magnifiers offer the ease of stable sight for detail work, at the raise of one hand to flip them down. And, they won’t boggle your face or fall off! We offer a couple of options.
Donegan Clip-on Binocular Magnifiers fit most glass frames, or can be used with the accompanying frame, and pivot up, when not in use. They are lightweight and made of dual-prismatic lens system, to ease eye strain by converging on the focal point. These clip-on magnifiers are great for a variety of situations including:

  • Fine-print reading
  • Reading specifics in graphs, maps and charts
  • Handiwork such as sewing or needlework
  • Other art crafts with small or tight detail such as fly-tying, beading and jewelry making
  • Examining photographs and other detailed artworklg_clear_lg_2_1_1

Large or Small Clip-on Magnifiers are designed to fit most safety glasses and come in reader strengths from 1.0 – 5.0. They can also be ordered for specific prescription. The large clip-ons are 58mm wide x 48mm high; the small are 55mm wide x 35mm high.
Depending upon where you have the need for magnifiers, and why, will generate the number of them you should get. If you only need them at work, one pair may do. Although, you will probably ask yourself, more than once, why you don’t have a pair at home. Try one pair, and then, once you are spoiled, you will probably want to get more. Check out the options VS Eyewear has to offer.

Need help? VS Eyewear customer service is here for you. Give us a call at 877-872-5780 or send us an email at [email protected]

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