Slip into a Pair of Fishing Sunglasses in Time for Trout Season

Sep 8, 2016

The fall fishing season is fast upon us. Will you be headed out to at least one of America’s trout streams? Trout fishing is open year round in many states but others have set limits due to spawning season. In our region, spawning generally takes place in the beginning of the year through the end of June. So, you should be safe enough to grab your fishing sunglasses this weekend and go. If you’re going to be searching for rainbow, brown, brook, golden or cutthroat trout, you’re going to need those shades.


Trout are normally found in mountain streams and tend to be very active just before dawn. However, on cool, autumn days they’ll traditionally remain feeding in the water body’s upper layers until 8:30 or 9 a.m. Thus, a good pair of fishing sunglasses will help keep the trout in your sights until then. Look for great-fitting pairs with polarized lenses as they’re less likely to fall off of your head during fights with feisty steelheads or rainbows.

Plus, those types of fishing sunglasses have the potential to withstand strong, UV rays. The Sun Safety Alliance indirectly notes that autumn rays can be very problematic, especially when trout fishing at high altitudes. The rays can not only mask the trout but cause eye damage and sunburn as well. Therefore, choose fishing sunglasses that may be worn with a variety of wide-brimmed hats in order to increase your protection.


Also, if you are going to use waders and stand in the center of trout streams casting your line, think about buying models with wraparound frames. They’re your best bet when it comes to minimizing reflective glares and wind related problems. And yes, wraparound fishing sunglasses may be worn over prescription frames. Just look for great brands including Fitovers®, Cocoons®, Vistana ® and Visionaries® clip-ons. To learn more about fishing sunglasses before trout season comes to an end, please contact us today.

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