The Need for Welding and Brazing Glasses

Jul 13, 2016

Welding and brazing are highly skilled tasks that require specialized safety equipment. Welding and brazing glasses can protect a person’s eyes in more ways than one.

Some people in this profession are under the impression that wearing a shielded helmet is going to be enough in terms of protection. However, people should ideally have multiple layers of protection, given the danger associated with welding and brazing in the first place.ecomony-torch_lg

During welding and brazing, people are going to be exposed to a lot of ultraviolet light. In addition to the short-term problems associated with a lot of the light that people in this profession encounter, ultraviolet light can cause a great deal of long-term damage to a person’s eyes. Welding and brazing glasses offer solid protection from invisible but dangerous ultraviolet light.

However, the people who do welding and brazing for a living usually have larger concerns. Professionals in this field have to deal with sparks and projectiles as a matter of course. The shielded helmets will offer some protection, but people are going to need specialized welding and brazing glasses in order to truly give themselves enough defenses against these truly dangerous workplace hazards.


People can damage their eyes permanently after only a few seconds of contact with welding arcs. VS Eyewear offers a wide range of welding and brazing glasses, all of which are comfortable, stylish, and effective. Workers will be able to keep their eyes safe without any additional problems. Professionals in this field can contact us in order to learn more about our products.

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