Getting Started with Prescription Eyeglasses

Jul 13, 2016

You took the time and went to your yearly eye exam. But now the doctor says you need glasses. Getting started with prescription eyeglasses can seem a bit daunting at first, and you may not know how to begin. So let us help; here’s a guide to getting started.

Looks aren’t everything

Those thick-rimmed plastic glasses sure look great on you, but do they stand up to your lifestyle? Consider your activity level, your habits, and even your climate when selecting the perfect pair. Lightweight frames may lack impact resistance, and plastic frames may persistently slide down your nose in a hot, humid climate. Sun exposure is also an important factor in making your decision–to avoid switching pairs every time you leave the office, consider automatic darkening lenses that adapt to sunlight.16-Nike_1

Do they fit?

This may seem obvious–they feel great, so they fit, right? However, when purchasing prescription eyeglasses, be sure to let a professional do the fitting. Ill-fitting eyeglasses can lead to insufficient peripheral vision or even losing your glasses altogether. It only takes one unexpected wave during a trip to the beach to dislodge ill-fitting glasses! Ultimately, when your glasses fit correctly is when you’ll experience your best vision–it’s when you prescription is working the way your doctor intended. So even though those oversized glasses look great on your favorite TV actor, it doesn’t mean they’re suitable for your real-life routine.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your prescription and start shopping for your dream pair of glasses today!

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