Sunglasses just got even easier

Mar 11, 2016

If you wear prescription glasses, chances are you haven’t thought much about stylish sunglasses, as, with the need to see, this has always limited your options with either functionality or style.  It’s either generic clip-on shades or sacrificing your vision to wear a pair you may happen to prefer more.

However, there are exciting new options regarding polarized clip-on glasses you may not have been privy to, ranging from a wide array of lens colors; from yellow, blu-gard, brown, grey, to even copper, in addition to an equally impressive selection of frame designs.



Even better, they have added functionality to remain attached to your glasses indefinitely without fear or misplacement or storage, with the new flip-up feature. You have both glasses and sunglasses with only the flip of a finger.

With the patented D-clip, smaller design frames, and G-clip, the larger of the pair, you can always be sure to find an appropriate fit with all the options included.

Made of virtually unbreakable all metal alloy, the mechanisms and frames themselves are able to withstand daily, frequent use while adhering snugly to your frames without worry.

The polarized lenses are highly scratch resistant with a “sticky” vinyl coating to also prevent slippage.


With the smaller D-clip, you have that extra protection anywhere you could be at any time with incredible ease and virtually no worry of ever misplacing them again, while the larger G-clip features a revolutionary wrap-around design to grant you protection from every conceivable angle; an absolute must for anyone who spends ample amounts of time in the blinding sun.

We are very enthused to bring you these exciting new options, so do not hesitate to contact us with any possible inquiries you could have.

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