Costa Fishing Glasses: Less Strain on your Eyes, More Time on the Water

Feb 25, 2016

UV exposure is inevitable, especially when you’re on the water fishing. Whether you’re jigging from a bass boat on Lake Okeechobee, spot fishing for bonefish in Belize, or drifting a hopper along the banks of the Big Hole River, sunglasses are essential.

Think of your eyes like a boat’s paint job. Over time, a boat’s paint job fades, the color diminishes, the luster is lost. The once-vibrant color becomes dull. The lenses of your eyes are similar. As time goes by, harsh UV rays cause the sharpness of your eyes to fade. In short, your eyes fatigue more easily and work harder to see.


That’s why you protect your eyes.

The reflected sunlight that comes off the water’s surface dramatically increases your eyes’ exposure to UV rays. As a result, the strain on your eyes increases as well. Costa fishing glasses cut through the glare and reduce ocular UV exposure. This allows you not only to see into the water more effectively, but to fish longer as well.

Costa’s patented technology makes their lenses crystal clear. Clarity means less eye strain. With 100% UV and glare protection, your eyes aren’t tired. When your eyes aren’t tired, you can spend more time fishing. It’s that simple.


Costa released several new frame and lens styles for 2016. Whether you’re a casual fisherman out for an afternoon or a fishing guide out for your seventh consecutive day, there’s something for you.

And, of course, Costa offers prescription lenses as well. Just contact us for more information.

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