Catching Sight So You Can Catch More Fish: Costa Fishing Glasses

Feb 25, 2016

Novice fishermen want to know, “Why do I need to wear sunglasses when I fish?” The first answer is, to protect your eyes. The second answer is, to reduce glare and help you see through the water better.

When sunlight hits the water, the UV rays reflect off the water and back up to your eyes. Just as you should never look directly at the sun, these reflected UV rays can also be damaging. When choosing your fishing glasses, make sure they offer UV protection. Polarized sun glasses are even more effective. The sun glaring across the water is basically horizontally polarized. Polarized sunglasses are vertically polarized, thus countering the glare off the water.


With surface glare minimized, light reflecting up through the water is more visible. Remember from physics class that when we see things, we are seeing light reflected off of the thing. So when we can see the light reflecting up through the water, images such as rocks, snags, turtles, and best of all, fish, are more visible.

Speaking of color, it’s more than a fashion statement. The lighting you’ll be fishing in most often determines the color of lenses you’ll want for the most clarity. When shopping for sunglasses, look for a guide on what light-quality the different colors work best in.

Besides protecting your eyes from the sun, you might consider that glasses also add protection from hooks catching eyelids instead of fish. Fishing programs for children, such as 4-H, require participants to wear glasses during their sponsored events. For this reason, you might want to consider a wrap-around style, which adds protection for the area between the eyes and ears.

Costa fishing glasses are created by fishermen for fishermen. They understand the benefits of protecting the eyes from UV rays and glare and are committed to creating the best eye protection for fishermen and other water enthusiasts. Their lenses offer 100% UV and glare protection. Costa offers six different lens colors, from “Blue Mirror,” good for harsh sun conditions to “Sunrise,” which is yellow.


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